PERSI is a brand featuring secure handbags, backpacks and cases.
PERSI uses electronic locks to provide smart privacy.
The brand is about privacy and personality, fashion and technology meetup. 
The logo design is based on the primary form factors.
A "locking frame" is the first main part.
It differs, it transforms. But essentials are always the same.
And even more important, the actual product misses a physical lock.
It involves psychological reactions, well-known connotations.
At least, some symbol of a lock is needed to provide the right feeling.
The brand logo shows privacy. The brand language and the name feature personality.
The third key is a feeling of futuristic, innovative, technological.
So, it's time to play with fonts.
Consistency is a key. It's great to check for that with Gestalt Theory.
Rounded shapes create similarity to connect "only symbol" and "only text" formats.
But continuation is also required for the main composition of the logo.
So the middle line of the font was changed to balance with the symbol.
Roundness of corners is measured optically using standard values.
There are some implementation examples for the variety of styles and products.
It's clear that the logo itself becomes a focal point of the product enhancing the last.
That means we found the right path.
As you can see, this identity design project is short featuring only key aspects.
But it's not only about what you see. Need an icon for your app? Use the symbol.
Need some initial measurements for your layouts? Check the vector logo.
Design systems have to be extendable, scalable. And each element is a nutshell.
We use colors, shapes and symbols to create not just "pictures" but visual languages.
That's why Graphic Design is so important and powerful.
And we keep going discovering it.
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