"Never a suburb", "Don't trust words that kill", "The Russian World"

RUPORNO! is a movement aimed at counteracting Russian propaganda.
It's not about hating Russia or people living there. It's not about hate at all. The goal is to educate Ukrainians, to increase patriotism and national dignity.
"Ру́порно" [rúporno] simply means "through the megaphone" empathizing the need to speak out loud and to take action. The similarity to "ru porn" is intentional, since both propaganda and pornography are vulgar phenomenons aimed at arousing.
The logo itself is a parody to the double-headed eagle from the coat of arms of the Russian Federation.
Unlike the previous set of posters, these require to stop and give it more attention. So they come in a bigger format.

"We are not a suburb"

"We are not a younger brother"

"We are not a part of the Russian World"