Skole is a small Ukrainian town aimed at developing its own touristic potential.
It's good to see both actual ("wild tourism", culture and sports) and potential (city attractions, family leisure) tourists. Potential tourists are the source of good income. Yet, the town needs funding for developing required infrastructure. So it's good to make a two-step campaign increasing the income from actual tourists first.
For the actual tourists, Skole is a satellite town where someone can take a night stay, buy groceries and go to the nearest natural attractions in the most convenient way.
The identity features different approaches to content creation combining needs of several audiences: government (typographic layouts, photos), foreign investors (English logo, European style), traditional tourists (realistic illustrations), progressive tourists (conceptual graphics).
The general logotype is made from scratch. It has mysterious vibe in it, features "o" as a satellite with a wide circle of attractions nearby, and has additional elements in the letters with ascenders and capital letters referring to the meaning of the word itself ("a crag", "a chip", "to chop").
The logo can be simplified or transformed into funny characters.
Formal carriers such as firm blanks use the most general elements of the brand identity relying on qualitative typographic compositions and basic graphic forms.
The firm blank layout being highly formal still manages to grab attention. It is inspired by layout examples featured in "The Vignelli Cannon".
The business card features more colors and graphic elements as carrier's purpose moves away from the strict formality.
Event posters can be even more custom providing more tools for creative designers and event managers.
Governmental posters are much more strict, typical and clear due to their function.
Nonetheless, both poster types feature qualitative layouts.
For the phone cases, dynamic graphic elements are transformed into patterns.
Paper bag design is bold, clear and efficient considering all the printing requirements.
Tote bag design is not only interesting but allows producers to save money as well.
T-shirt design features only few possible styles in which the brand carrier can be produced.